If you have been following along with my Daily Challenge videos on Facebook and YouTube then you are familiar with the series on CHANGE that I talked about the week of February 06 – 10, 2017. This supplement or more accurately addition to that series, talks about being careful when it comes to attempting to change the course of change.

A Very Fickle Monster? Yes. The ability to completely control change is one thing that very few people have. When it comes to “manipulating” change, you move with great caution or you move with all the grace of a bull in a china shop.  You have to respect the china shop and you have to respect the fact that no one can completely control change. Sure, there are those few that really, truly believe they can control it. However, all they can really do is make subtle changes to the course. Believing otherwise is complete 100% nonsense.

When it comes to change especially change created by external forces, you can, for some part, control what affects you and to a VERY lesser degree, how it impacts others. Be careful to avoid becoming a casualty of your own attempts to control change.

Now here is where the fickle part comes in. By its own definition the word FICKLE is all about change; “likely to change, especially due to caprice, irresolution, or instability; casually changeable”. Thus, when it comes to manipulating or changing change one has to proceed with caution.

If you are not experienced in dealing with change that comes from external sources, do not fret. As change comes in from so many sources and in varying degrees there is no way any individual can master dealing with it. That is why every interaction with change must be on an individual basis.

As anyone who has had any form of change happen in their lives will tell you, change is both your friend and your foe. Change forces you to go a zone of discomfort before it will even allow you to consider returning to your comfort zone. Then again, change my never let you return. See what I am getting at. Change forces you to move to a zone of discomfort thus becoming your enemy. Now your stay in the discomfort zone may vary but I know I would not want to live there.  I know you would not want to live there, as well.

Remain aware that you might appear to be spinning your wheels and going nowhere. It may be true. The only remedy is change the way you are trying to control or steer change. Otherwise, change will run you down and then run you over. Because you are not changing with the change, then change has every right to have its way with you.

Be on the offense and defense when it comes to manipulating change. Start small, even if the change is HUGE! Yes, that means, at first you will have to eat it. Not all is lost, as you gain the knowledge and experience in dealing with change your ability to manipulate it will increase. Remember that especially when starting out. It takes time. It takes a lot of time.


Everyone has to eat it. Life is not fair; life is not designed to be fair. If it were fair, you would not be here. I would not be here. If life was fair only the best egg and best sperm would get together to make the best human being. A human being free of disease, handicap, or any malady that currently plagues the human race. All that we would see is perfect human beings all around us.

That being the case, life is not fair and that is why we have change all over the place. Sometimes it is tied up in lace and other times it comes in the form of a howling banshee in the dead of night. Then there will those times that you can turn that banshee around into something welcoming and warm.

So do what you can to control and change change but proceed with caution, as it is so very fickle.


Because change can accompany other change that sometimes, doing one thing directly affects something else that is already occurring or would have never occurred if you never did anything at all. Then something else happens because of the previous event.

That is known as the Domino Effect. The Domino Effect is “a situation in which one event causes a series of similar events to happen one after another.” Imagine a column of dominoes standing close enough to each other that if one were tipped in the direction of the other that it would fall and then cause the next one in the column to fall. Once the fall has started, it is nearly impossible to stop all of them from falling. That is what happens when you are not cautious or take precautions when attempting to manipulate or alter change.

Remain aware and vigilant when it comes to trying to control that fickle monster known as change. It will take a while to feel comfortable in manipulating change but at any time change can become unleashed. When it does, do not stick your head in the sand but run for higher ground to regroup and come back to face change head on.

I hope this helps. Let me know what you think by email: [email protected] or Twitter: @daveguerra
Thank you,

David Guerra

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