Welcome to my 100 Word Daily Journal

 Putting the Walk in my Talk. Here are my 100-Word Daily Journal Entries.

Day 45 – 101217


Day 44 – 101117

Wednesday. Yeah, the more and more I think about it Austin might just be the place. Seriously, I am loving the fall-like atmosphere I am currently experiencing. I just wish it would last more than two days (OK, technically a day and a half). Today, was certainly one of those days that kept me on my toes. I had to stop off at an HR office for a large organization in my neck of the woods. I should have turned around and ran away when the gatekeeper was on the phone, talking to someone while eating what appeared to be a Peanut Butter Sandwich. Seriously, I know for a fact that if I ever tried to pull that nonsense I would out on my ass. Seriously, what kind of leadership condones such activity?

Day 43 – 101017

Tuesday. With the week well underway things are looking up. A cool front has finally made its way to my neck of the woods. I truly miss living in a place that seasons. It may be time to revisit moving to Austin. Why Austin? For one, I will never set foot in Houston for one too many reasons. San Antonio, that’s been done and again for one too many people. Dallas and Austin I could go for. However, I am right now leaning towards a return trip to Austin. Might just have to look into it.

Day 42 – 100917

Monday. It’s no secret there are many things that I am passionate about. One could almost say that my passion will be my undoing. Luckily, at this time that is neither here nor there. If you know me you will know that one of my passions is my dedication to friends. However, when I am let down by those friends I give them a pass. I attribute that let down to their not yet fully knowing me. However, on the second attempt there is no pass. I know it sounds a little harsh but “friends” should never put friends in a situation that makes them regret the first pass. I mean would you put a true friend in such a situation?

Day 41 – 100817

Sunday. Football. New. Day. Nonsense. JJ Watt. Injury. BBQ. Brisket. Pretzels. Family. Friends. Guests. Texans. Packers. Sunny. Hot. Clear. Smoke. Briquets. Menudo. Breakfast. Smashed. Potatoes. Bread. Cake. Empanadas.Travel. Cat. Dogs. Pets. Food. Hummingbirds. Feeder. Pollen. Mold. Allergies. Sinus. Blood. Exercise. Weight. Down. Sugar. Lowering. Nightfall. Covers. Me. Plans. Making. Prepare. Objectives. Rest. Nap. None. Early. Bed. Frasier. Netflix. Pillow. Sleep. Slumber. Tomorrow.

Day 40 – 100717

Saturday. Today is the first day of the weekend that has not rained in quite a while. That being the case, the backyard was a jungle. So off we went to tackle that nonsense. For being in a “semi-drought” the ground certainly took advantage of the rain and the grass, weeds, and everything in-between grew and grew. While it is fun to see all the green, what is not fun is mowing and weed-eating all that green to reveal the mess underneath. The wet underside of the growth needs to dry out. Dear Backyard, see you next Saturday.

Day 39 – 100617

Friday. Great Day. Got to spend the afternoon with a certain someone special. It is always a great time when you can get away from the norm, even if it is just for a few hours. There should be more days like today. However, it is always about schedules, making schedules meet and in sync is certainly no easy task. These days where everyone is going in all directions and even more. Here’s more opportunities at synchronized meetings. Have a Great Weekend.

Day 38 – 100517

Thursday. Good news! I am going to be an Uncle again. I have known this fact for a few weeks now. However, what I did not know until today what the gender of the baby is. Little background first, I have three brothers. All three brothers and I have children. It has been about 13 years since the last child was born. Long time right? So the planets aligned and the things worked out and now I am going to be an Uncle again. This time, I will be an Uncle to a boy add another to carry along the family name. Congratulations to my youngest brother.

Day 37 – 100417

Wednesday. Hockey season begins today. People all over the county are going bonkers. They have every right to go A.S.C. over the start of something that just ended a couple of weeks ago. Seriously, the 2016-2017 NHL season came to an end on Sunday June 11. By my calculations that was 115 days ago. There must be a hunger so deep that to miss a sport for 115 days they must be doing something right. That being the case, the 214 days between Super Bowl 51 and Kick-off 2017 should have had fans rioting the street. It was more like a pop and a whimper. Sign of the times?

Day 36 – 100317

Tuesday. Dialogue will always outweigh Monologue. Today, I had a great conversation with someone. Someone close to me and it was great to be able to sit down and talk to someone about the past, the present, and in a few instances the future. The conversation took no unusual turns but we were able to go deep in the topic we covered. It was quite refreshing to be able to turn to someone and talk. Just talk. It is such a relief that I could hold such a conversation with someone. I just wish there were other people that I could talk to that way. It is not for lack of trying to converse with people on a deeper level. Short of family and close friends there is no one else. Now don’t get me wrong, there are those that just have that natural gift of gab and the rest of us just have to work at it. It does feel good to have someone to have deeper conversations. Maybe I have turned a corner and things are moving in a better direction. Here’s to more deeper conversations. Cheers!

Day 35 – 100217

Monday. Last night I fell asleep watching Willie Wonka and the Chocolate factory. This morning, I woke up to an entirely different world all over again. While many are quick to blame others, that’s OK that’s their right. However, what is NOT right is those that are pointing fingers, laying blame, demanding resignations while doing absolutely NOTHING about correcting the problems or injustices they see. Can someone please explain the reason for all this finger pointing? Better yet, can someone please explain the reason why NO ONE can bring an honest, well thought out solution? Please explain the reason for this strange behavior!

Day 34 – 100117

Sunday. The first day of a new month. It’s a Sunday and all is good. We had an NFL game in the morning. It is always a great way to start a Sunday. Breakfast and Football. The spread this morning was quite nice. Even the “protestors” did not bring me down. I still believe that for all their showboating and grandstanding nothing is going to change. Getting up off the floor and actually doing something with substance then change can truly happen. The token knee taking is just that token. You want to see real change happen, the NFL Players should stick a crowbar in their wallets and pool their resources to create something that will last and have real lasting power to make change happen and make change stick.

Day 33 – 093017

Saturday. Hey, Saturday Night Live premieres tonight. Can’t wait to see what they do with all the stuff that has happened since the season finale. They sure do have their work cut out for them. That being said. I sure hope SNL does not suck any more. They lost three great performers and replaced them with three new ones. I know it’s less the 100 words but I have a dinner to go to.

Day 32 – 092917

Friday. September Friday nights in Texas means one thing: FRIDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL. If you have never been to Texas on a Friday Night you have not lived. I know Friday Night Football occurs all over the United States but I am not kidding you when I say, Texas on a Friday Night is one of the most unique things you can ever experience. It is so unique they make movies and TV shows about it. If you find yourself in Texas on a Football Friday night but cannot make it to the game, that’s OK, visit any Whataburger, in the state of Texas, after a game you will hear all about the game you missed.

Day 31 – 092817

Thursday. Here we go again, another weekend is upon us and another opportunity to go deeper with your hustle and grind. This weekend, I plan to work on the next edition of the 3000 Word Leadership Lesson. This new edition will cover the issue of dealing with problems sooner rather than later. Every organization should never be at the mercy of the wrongdoers especially the management. Be on the look out for it on the other side of the weekend.

Day 30 – 092717

Wednesday. It seems that the laundry list has ceased to be. It is no more. I feel good however, I know there are more things to come. Seriously, they always are. Therefore, I am starting a new list now. You know, to get ahead of things. With that being said, I wonder how long it will take before it gets out of control. There is only so much I can do, I’m only human after all.

Day 29 – 092617

Tuesday. Today, I worked on the list of things to do. I had to push a few things off until Wednesday. So I bought myself an extra day, big deal! Now what? I can’t move any more items off the list to other days. Doing that will lead me down a slippery slope. The slippery slope will be one that I know will be one that I will not easily get myself out of until I go cold turkey. So I will put my head down and get to work. Maybe tomorrow or the day after 😉

Day 28 – 092517

Monday. Today was one of those day. One of those days which the laundry list of things to do was so long at the start of the day that by mid-day the size of the list only grew longer. By 5pm, while I continually banged away at the list there were more and more items added to the bottom of the list. At this rate, I predict it will be sometime around March 11, 2018 before I am caught up. Hopefully, by mid-week I should be at the point where adding more to the bottom of the list is down to a trickle. Only time will tell.

Day 27 – 092417

Sunday. What a fiasco. As a Veteran of the US Armed Forces I have never been so much at odds with citizens of our great nation exercising their First Amendment Rights while at the same time disrespecting the one thing that symbolizes what EVERYONE has ever done to ensure that people can continue to exercise their right to Free Speech. This taking a knee is not solving any problem. It actually serves to show the laziness of people that are demanding for change but REFUSE to act on making change happen. Taking a KNEE does absolutely nothing. How about stepping up and serving in the ARMED FORCES, AmeriCorps, or start your own organizations that work to make and sustaining change. Poking the United States in the eye, never did any good. All it does is show who the fools clearly are. Oh, and by the way, I just exercised my FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT.

Day 26 – 092317

Saturday. It is one of those weekends where you have so much planned and all you managed to get done is about finishing three cups of coffee. Don’t get me wrong, it was a nice day and taking the time to enjoy some coffee was certainly nice. As was spending time with the kids and watching a little Michigan Football. For dinner, we broke in a brand new cast iron 4 quart pot by making Braised Short Ribs. All I can say is by the time dinner was served, the meat could not wait long enough to fall off the bone. Wish you could have joined us.

Day 25 – 092217

Friday. Now I have to put the new certification to work. That means updating biz cards, websites, and a few other things. I like change. I like to make change happen. Sometimes, I am not thrilled with the outcome, the results of that change but no matter I made it happen. I encouraged the change and while it may be a bitter pill to swallow, it still gets swallowed. We move on and we move forward!

Day 24 – 092117

Thursday. So another Parent Meeting at my daughter’s High School. The meeting was brief and to the point. I love those kind of meetings. Because we still had another 20 minutes to go, I stepped up and asked if the parents that were present could stick around to figure out logistics for ALL the kids that are part of the program my daughter is a member. Well, long story short: There is always on knucklehead in the bunch. It was not a student. It was a parent. In a huff, she took her ball and went home. Why? I can only speculate but why bother wasting time in speculating. On a positive note, I completed the training that was started yesterday and now am thoroughly certified (or certifiable?).

Day 23 – 092017

Wednesday. Started the first of a two day training that will lead to a professional certification to kick up my support offerings. Another tool in kit, another feather in my cap. This should be a very interesting and informative next couple of days. In the meantime, I have to get back to work. Talk to you soon.

Day 22 – 091917

Tuesday. As the song goes, “Tuesday’s gray and Wednesday too” and there is nothing we can do about it. Don’t get me wrong (and you probably will anyway) I like Tuesday. I like it because it is not Monday. It signifies that what others fear is over and we have moved on, only to repeat the cycle all over again. However, today was a different story. Today, I had the first day of a two day certification course and then at the end of that it was Senior Parents Night at my daughter’s school (she’s senior). So it was a meeting teachers, administrators and other parents. It was fun but I am also glad it is over.

Day 21 – 091817

Monday. Now you’ve done it. Now someone online has gone and done it. Someone, who shall remain nameless, has gone and done it. That individual has written something that I had not seen in a while and I had hoped it was never going to rear its ugly head but there it was. There it was bright and early Monday morning. It is the most terrible anyone would ever want to hear (or read) let alone hear it on a Monday morning. Two words: FINISH STRONG.  These two words were in a tweet that encouraged the reader(s) to do what it takes now to finish the week strong. Unbelievable, how can anyone finish strong if they will be more work after the weekend? Finish Strong is a misnomer in that it leaves others with a false sense of security. FINISH STRONG leaves you believing there is a light at the end of the tunnel. If you believe like I do, then you understand that Friday might as well be Monday because there is always more work to do.

Day 20 – 091717

Sunday. Ready for the start of the work week? The work week that is normally outside of the home? I know people use Saturday and Sunday to work on their side hustle. Then again, there are others that use Saturday and Sunday to continue on their everyday hustle. Then there are others that hustle 7 days a week. No matter what you do, just keep hustling and grinding. However, remember to at least take a little time to spend with the family and friends.

Day 19 – 091617

Saturday. The day wide open. The day for college football. In this house it is GO ARMY! or Go Michigan! I bet you don’t have to guess who is GO ARMY! 😉 As for Go Michigan, that would be my daughter. She was planning to attending the University of Michigan but that has changed and now plans to attend a Division III school that does not have a football program so she roots for Michigan.

Day 18 – 091517

Friday. I know what I wrote on Tuesday but I am so glad today is over. It was a most interesting day. I ran into an old friend. I also met someone new. I can’t say that I actually liked meeting someone new today. I don’t know if there are preferred days or time to properly meet someone. Then again, for the most part we cannot pick and choose when we meet new people. I guess you just have to make the best of it.

Day 17 – 091417

Thursday. Week 2 of the NFL season begins tonight. The Houston Texans travel to Cincinnati to take on the Bengals. Today, there was plenty of work to get done but not too much of it actually got done. Then again, I could have done a lot more than just not get much done. I guess that’s Thursday for you.

Day 16 – 091317

Wednesday. Mittwoch, that’s German for Wednesday or Middle of the Week (the literal translation). Interesting that Mittwoch as a word for the Wednesday exists. The word dates back to before 1000A.D., so people have been struggling with the middle of the week and looked forward to the end of the week (or start of the week). This is definitely going to be a bit more of a struggle than I expected it to be.

Day 15 – 091217

Tuesday. Now we can move on with the week. Now I did it. I caught myself. I strongly dislike when people live for FRIDAY. They can’t wait for the weekend to get here. They exist for Saturday and Sunday. Now I get it. I wholeheartedly agree that having two days to spend with the family is GREAT. Spending time with those we love the most matters the most. However, there is one thing that we should never forget Monday is a couple of days away. I am not being a KILLJOY. I am expressing my dislike for the “working for the weekend” attitude and mindset.

Day 14 – 091217

Monday. Monday. Not Enough Coffee. Not Enough Time. Not Enough Money. Not Enough Conversation. Not Enough of Everything. Seems like Mondays are the one day of the week where testing, pushing and pulling come all at one time. I know what day of the week it is has nothing to do with what happens. However, I strongly believe that because it is the first day after the weekend something is bound to happen. That’s OK, tomorrow is Tuesday.

Day 13 – 091017

The NFL season has finally kicked off. It is now well underway and with that so is the conversation surround this individuals that want to take a knee during the playing of the national anthem. I have said it before and I will say it again, as a Veteran of the United States Armed Forces (US Army) I have put my words into action. I did for my country long before I ask for anything from my country. I signed up as soon as I graduated High School. I decided to serve my country and all its citizens before I could even vote in this country. I was in the Delayed Entry Program when I was 17.

While they have the right to protest any way they choose because many men and women before me, with me and after me have worked long and hard to guarantee that right they exercise does NOT excuse me from voice my opinion and dislike for their ungrateful attitude towards what this country and my fellow Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen have given these self-righteous, self-entitled few. Yes, the UNITED STATES has given them the opportunity to make millions and millions of dollars to play a child’s game and to also complain when their athletic shoe endorsement deal is not seven figures.

We know what they have done for themselves but what have they done for their community and country?


Day 12 – 090917
Saturday evening and the weekend is halfway over. Then again, it is also hallway to Monday. How are you?
I do hope all is well.

Today, we did a little overdue cleaning in the living room. I found that we had so many extra cables (cable TV cables, computer cables, audio-video cables and HDMI cables) behind the TV. These extra cables showed me two things: how long it has been since a thorough cleaning was done back there and how far we have technologically progressed over the past few months. Now there is ONE cable TV cable and two HDMI cables.

Sometimes taking a moment to clean is an opportunity to restructure and streamline your operation. In this case, I cleared out some outdated clutter.


Day 11 – 090817

Friday. It is still a work day. There is work that still needs to be done. Actually, work is NEVER done as it will be there Monday morning and it will be there Tuesday and next Friday. Yet, we get to Friday and many of us want to slack off or start the weekend a little early especially if the past couple of days have been a little extra stressful.

However, for those that need the service where do they stand? They have to wait another two days before someone can give them they attention they expect. How is this getting work done? Friday is still a business day.

Don’t Finish Strong…Just Stay Strong.

Day 10 – 090717

The NFL season kicks off tonight. Finally, this is the day of days. NFL fans all over are excited about this day. Even though in the path of Hurricane Irma the start of the NFL season is a welcome distraction. Don’t get me wrong but where I am coming from with this. The NFL season is a sign of normalcy, it is like the light at the end of the natural disaster tunnel. The same applies to Houston. Just talking to people from the affected area about the Houston Texans their demeanor immediately changes.

During times of stress any signs of normalcy is most welcome. GO TEXANS!

Day 9 – 090617

Can you believe how just sitting in front of the television for one hour can through your entire schedule off? I love watching MASTER CHEF. I enjoy the competition of cooking food. I am not partial to the spectacle of competitive eating. I prefer to see people sweat it out by making something unique from scratch. However, recently MASTER CHEF has taken to air back to back episodes while doubly entertaining the time killer that it is, is well un-recoverable.

I really need to get a DVR and watch it at my convenience instead of right in the middle of my evening. I do work in the evening and it can be a struggle. But that’s my bear to cross.

Till Tomorrow

Day 8 – 090517

They say that you do not expect to happen when you do not expect it.

Today, was the realization of that day. Today something happened. Well two things happened.

Thing One: My wife’s car had a tire go flat.

Thing Two: After the flat tire situation was under control (two tires later), I participated in the weekly #DareToBe Tweetchat (if you don’t know what a tweet chat is please go to twitter.com and search for #DareToBe to see it)


Tonight’s chat was about ADVENTURE and BEING ADVENTUROUS. It was in the course of that one hour chat that I came to a realization that I do NOT challenge myself enough. I stopped challenging myself. I need to get out of the comfy zone I have weaseled my way into and back to the Real Deal. The REAL Reality. The putting myself out there everyday and doing more than what I am doing now. Sweating more than the last time I was out having real fun, real travel, real adventure with my brothers, my ARMY BROTHERS: Farrell, Steve, and Dan.

So bring on the Adventure.

Day 7 – 090417

Happy Labor Day Everyone! I do hope you had a great day, a great weekend. I know I did. Sure there was no BBQ this weekend but it’s coming.

Earlier today, I was reminded that I am NOT doing enough to share my message to everyone. If you follow me on twitter (@daveguerra) you read I had a bad Customer Service experience.

It was real simple and completely avoidable. The waiter refused to take my order of two coffees because he did not have paper. Yet, he had no problem taking the order of two coffees of the customer when arrived 5 minutes after I did.

Folks, ALWAYS CARRY PAPER AND PEN. There is no excuse for you NOT to carry pen and paper. The two most basic tools for any job. For any job you want done right.

Till Next Time,
David Guerra

Day 6 – 090317

A Three day weekend half way done. What have you completed this weekend? Personally, I had a quite a list built up of things to do. As usual, the list is far from complete. Then again, isn’t that what 3-day weekends are all about not getting things done?

Of course, that is what it is all about. So you roll with the punches. However, one thing on my list is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. I wanted to put a brisket on the grill and just let it go low and slow. In case you did not know, that is how I cook my brisket. I leave it out on the grill until it is on the verge of falling apart. However, that was not to be.

Maybe next weekend. It is Kick-Off Weekend for the NFL, after all.

Day 5 – 090217

Good Day Everyone. It’s the first Saturday in September and even here in deep south Texas it feels like fall has come to town.

How are things in your neck of the woods? Hopefully, a little bit better than last week. I am so glad that’s over. The weather portion of last week, that is. I know we are not out of the woods but things are certainly better than they were.

So what is on your agenda for this LABOR DAY WEEKEND?

Personally, a family BBQ (because that’s what we do in Texas) this evening and then a deep, thorough cleaning of the living because FOOTBALL season begins this coming week and there will be time for spot cleaning but no time for anything serious once the season Kicks-Off!

Have a Great Day!

Day 4 – 090117

Welcome to September. This is finally it. The end of Summer 2017 is a mere three weeks away. Yep, we are just a slip and slide from the start of the 2017 Holiday Season. Then 2018.

Today, I had such a unique day. I had so much planned to do and got about 25% of my list done. Yeah, I know what good is having a list if you are not going to complete it. NEWSFLASH! Nobody’s perfect!

Maybe tomorrow, I can finish the what’s on the list. Of course, only to clear the way for more items to be added to the list. That’s life for you. There is always something more, something new. Again, I write, that’s life for you.


Give to the American Red Cross (https://www.redcross.org/donate/hurricane-harvey)

Day 3 – 083117

Still watching the recovery efforts in the Houston-Beaumont. The response is truly amazing. However, let’s not forget those small towns like Rockport, Victoria, Refugio, Cuero, El Campo, and the countless others in the path of the storm. They are struggling just as hard, if not harder, than those in the big city. Why is the struggle harder? It is harder because unlike Houston in those small towns the infrastructure got washed away.  The road will be long. However, after seeing the people involved in getting things back to normal I know it won’t be that long.

Give to the American Red Cross (https://www.redcross.org/donate/hurricane-harvey)

Day 2 – 083017

Today is Wednesday. Right now we are at the tail end of one of my favorite Television shows, MASTERCHEF. MASTERCHEF is “a competitive cooking reality show based” hosted by noted Chef, Gordon Ramsay.  Tonight’s episode was one for the record books. As most of you know I look for teachable leadership moments in just about everything and tonight’s show was no exception.

However, tonight was not loaded of the positive virtues of leadership. Actually, the negative virtues oozed out like the chocolate ganache in the donuts the home cooks made. Tonight, we were treated excellent examples of “blaming others” and “not accepting responsibility” when Yachecia and Eboni were paired together but when asked why things went awry the claws and fans came out.

Jeff had problems with time management. He showed visible signs of ringing that bell and walking off the set. Yet, through some miracle of modern television he made it to the next level.

Then when it came time to face the music in the pressure test, one contestant FAILED to complete the task (presenting 3 truffles from 3 different recipes). While all but one (Yachecia) delivered ALL nine chocolate truffles. Yachecia boxed and present to Chef Gordon Ramsay seven truffles. However, she was not shown to the door (another miracle of modern television, she made it to the next level). The one that was sent packing was the one who presented an solid piece of chocolate in one of the nine truffles he presented to the Judges.

This episode left me declaring shenanigans.

However, I should not be too hasty. Every once in a while, we need a few reminders of what not to if we want to be leaders.

till tomorrow,

Day 1 – 082917

So  I have been talking about it on my tweets. I wrote an article about starting a 100 word daily journal. So here is what I am talking about. Here I go:

Went to contract site today. There was not much work to do. It could be due to the end of the summer and requests were low. Things should pick up after Labor Day. My day became very interesting after dealing with the nonsense of the 100% price hike of the gasoline. It seems that people were buying into the hype that because Hurricane Harvey shut down operations at oil processing centers along the Gulf Coast of Texas. Sure a few gas stations in my area ran out of gas but the last time I checked the highest gallon of gasoline price in the NATION is $3.13 in California. Then again, prices are always higher in California.

Why do they easily believe the rumors but have a hard time believing the truth?

That is why we can never have good things that last.