60 Things To Remember To Make This Holiday Season The Best One Ever!

Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Heri za Kwanzaa, Happy New Year!

Here are the 60 Things To Remember To Make This Holiday Season The Best One Ever!

These are the things that HOSTS can do when it comes to making this holiday season the best one ever FOR EVERYONE!

1. You are under no obligation to provide a roof over the head of anyone that travels a great distance, unless you voluntarily offer. Never feel guilty about not offering a bed.

2. Make absolutely certain that you are well stocked with the essentials (paper towels, tp, hand sanitizer, towels, etc.)

3. If children are invited, do not forget to have plenty of entertainment material on hand.

4. Never invite someone because they found out there is an event they are not invited to. Animosity has already set in and taken root, inviting them after the fact is NOT going to change anything.

5. If someone is running late and they call to share they are going to be late and offer to pick up anything from the convenience store, DO NOT GIVE THEM A LAUNDRY LIST. At most, ask for a loaf of bread, more soda or ice, give a specific number and also be grateful they asked and can do this for everyone.

6. The holidays are times for tradition, save trying something new or different for another day & time.

7. Never let the “over 21” drinking get out of hand/control.

8. When purchasing wine, remember the more expensive the wine, the more niche flavor it will have. The more niche wine it is, the less people will drink it. Purchase Responsibly.

9. Do not be that guy or gal that walks around with the wine bottle in one hand and a wine glass in the other. It’s tacky and most of all, it conveys the image of just how much of a douche you are the rest of the year.

10. When making the invitation list, invite only those you want to actually attend. Never feel obligated to invite anyone.

11. Do NOT invite people into your home only so you can share with others how the invitees actually had the audacity to show up, how long they stayed, what they ate, and how much they drank. That’s just tacky & douchy.

12. Do NOT overdo it with the adult beverages, remember you are the one in charge.

13. Speaking of being in charge, YOUR HOUSE – YOUR RULES.

14. If a guest does not like how you are handling any situation, politely and forcefully ask them to leave.

15. If you are the host, ensure everyone (children included) know where the important stuff is, especially the extra toilet paper, towels, soap, paper towels, bottles of water, plungers and most importantly, the door.

16. If you are the host, act like it by keeping things from getting out of hand and keep people from getting out of control.

17. Keep Hot Foods Hot and Cold Foods Cold because no one wants a different kind of after party.

18. Whether intentional or unintentional, feelings will get hurt. Accept that fact early and be prepared to ACT IMMEDIATELY. Do not wait for after the holidays, to address that situation, as it will ruin the season for everyone today.

19. If the event is a POTLUCK, confirm that individuals can bring exactly what they signed up for and nothing else.

20. If at any point you feel like the police or the fire department needs to be called then it is already too late, make the call anyway.

21. At the end of the evening, if people volunteer to help clean up, take them up on the offer. Someone needs to take the wine bottles to the recycle bin.

22. If there are extras such as unopened wine bottles, dessert, etc., if you decide to give away those extras please be very selective as there may not be enough for everyone.

These are the things that GUESTS can do when it comes to making this holiday season the best one ever FOR EVERYONE!

23. Unless YOU have been specifically told that YOU are the guest of honor, NEVER EVER upstage the host(s).

24. If you need to be reminded then let this serve as that reminder: Their Home – Their Rules

25. If at any point you make it known you do not like how your host is handling a situation, please know that you will be politely and forcefully asked to leave, please do so (quickly and quietly).

26. If you are traveling and there is no designated room at the home of those you are going to visit and you do not have the funds for a hotel/motel room, remember Mary, Joseph and Jesus stayed in a barn, you can weather a little discomfort.

27. You must NEVER make the host feel obligated to house you. Unless they offer first. No guilt trips!

28. If the host serves something you do not like, you ARE under NO OBLIGATION to eat it. Also, do not bad mouth the menu, remember you accepted the invitation.

29. The host is under NO OBLIGATION to make a special meal for your “dietary restrictions” and NO ONE really wants to hear what your dietary restrictions are.

30. Immediately reply to the invitation. YES or NO. An RSVP is required, it may be written or unwritten, be a decent human being and show a little courtesy and let the host(s) know either way.

31. While it is nice for you and your children to be invited, remember if your child/children are still infants, consider skipping attending as you will spend precious time with your little one(s) and very little time enjoying yourself with the adults.

32. After arriving at the event is NOT the time to decide who the designated driver will be. Decide before leaving your residence, know before walking in the front door of the home of your host. If both want to imbibe, then use UBER or LYFT.

33. If you arrive at an event where you do not know someone or anyone, take the INITIATIVE and introduce yourself and be sure to share how you know the host. It is NOT bad manners on the part of the host for not introducing you, you are an adult, act like one.

34. There is NOTHING that says YOU MUST attend that holiday gathering/event.

35. If you are the first to arrive, ask if the host needs any help.

36. If you arrive after other guests, be sure to ask the host if they need any help.

37. Upon arrival Greet Everyone Collectively first, then Individually.

38. If you are going to be late, call ahead, inform the host that you will be late and ASK if there is anything they need from any of the CONVENIENCE stores you will pass along the way to their place.

39. If you do NOT know which utensil to use, ASK the HOST because others may have the same concern, this way it becomes a teachable moment for everyone.

40. Do NOT help yourself to the bar, until asked if you are ready for a cocktail/mocktail.

41. If you absolutely positively have to pop the collar on your polo shirt, make sure the party’s theme is The 1980 otherwise keep it down.

42. Remember you have NO say on who is invited and who is not. If you do not like someone on the invite list graciously decline the invite. Yes, it is that simple.

43. Do NOT overdo it with the cocktails (if the host accidentally overdoes it, this is NOT your invitation to do so).

44. While it is good and proper etiquette to bring a little something as a gift to the host, if you CANNOT bring a little something suitable for the host family, as a whole, then DO NOT BRING anything just your WARM, WELCOMING SMILE which is the gift that no one can top.

45. If you cannot help yourself, please leave your ego and yourself at home. Seriously, it will save a lot of heartache, actually it will save you lots of heartache.

46. If you absolutely, positively have to be the CENTER OF ATTENTION, host your own gathering.

47. If the event is a POTLUCK, BRING ONLY what you signed up to bring. If you cannot bring anything that’s OK, if you bring something else and it is a duplicate of something someone else originally signed up to bring, that is NOT OK! Actually, that is a DOUCHE MOVE.

48. At the end of the evening, always lend yourself to the cleanup (who knows you might get to take home some pretty cool leftovers or that unopened bottle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape).

49. Say THANK YOU, individually to those that invited you, and THANK YOU collectively on the way out.

50. Some time in the near future (after the event) be sure to let the host(s) know how much of a great time you had.

51. There is nothing wrong with reciprocating and hosting your own gathering. Remember, you gotta give them to get them. So host events to be invited to other future events

52. Remember, as the evening starts to draw to a close, be sure to leave before the host(s) announce, “Good Night, It’s time to go. You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.”

These are the things that EVERYONE can do when it comes to making this holiday season the best one ever FOR EVERYONE!

53. Never get into debt trying to impress others. This applies to gift giving, events, and traveling.

54. Even if you are on a limited budget you can still host a holiday event, a POTLUCK holiday event. Even a Christmas Cookie exchange can be the social event of the season and it won’t break the bank.

55. If it will needlessly increase your stress level, why do it?

56. Never talk about the event in front of those that are NOT invited.

57. If you are NOT invited, please accept that fact. There are countless events every single day you are not invited to attend, what is one more? Not to sound petty but why not host your own event and invite those that did not invite and do not do it out of spite but to show them what they missed by not inviting you in the first place.

58. The person that says “it’s not the gift but the thought that matters” is the ONLY PERSON that is EXPECTING to receive an expensive gift. In this case, consider the individual’s attitude and level of expectation.

59. Flashing your cash is the quickest way to create resentment or people needlessly hitting you up for a “loan” or expecting a “valuable” gift.

60. When it comes to gift giving, give what you can and what you feel. Of course, stick within your budget. Remember number 53 at the start of this list.

61. BONUS: DO NOT BRING YOUR PHONE, TABLET OR ANY ELECTRONIC DEVICE TO THE DINNER TABLE. If you absolutely must take a picture of the deliciousness that is spread across the dining table then do so before people are called in to sit down.


While every situation is different, I stand by this list as a starting point when it comes making the entire holiday season a better one for everyone. Of course, there will individuals that will play by their own rules. While, they are entitled to their own holiday season, there is NOTHING that says it has to infringe upon your happiness, especially during this the most wonderful time of the year. I wish you the best of luck when dealing with individuals of that caliber this and every holiday season. Go forward and keep in mind; the Holidays are times of Joy, Celebrating, Giving, Receiving, and most of all, Love.