The Walking Leader Series

The Walking Leader series of books consists of three books: The Walking Leader, Great To Follow and We, The Team.

The Walking Leader series is strictly based on known leadership principles with focus on being a leader, a follower, and a member of a team.The idea behind the Walking Leader and two other books in the series revolves around the concept of Managing By Walking Around (MBWA). I have always believed the idea behind MBWA is not only fantastic but exactly what every organization needs. However, when it came time to launch my own MBWA adventure, I discovered there were no rules, procedures nor guidelines to help the burgeoning manager or leader take the reins of leadership and succeed. While I was hard pressed to find anyone that was stumbling around while walking around, myself included. I did find that by having a base to go by it made things a little easier for me and I believe it will do the same for others that need the help (or kick in the pants).

The Books Of The Walking Leader Series




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