Month: March 2018

NEW VIDEO: The Continuing Need For Training In The Workplace (The United Airlines incidents)

Now online is a new video by David G. Guerra. In this video, David talks about the continuing need for organizations to provide training to their employees, contractors, sub-contractors, and any other stakeholder. In this video, David cites the recent

NEW ARTICLE: 5 Things All Leaders Must Do At The Start Of The Day

The article: 5 THINGS ALL LEADERS MUST DO AT THE START OF THE DAY is the next article by David G. Guerra. In this article David discusses what he sees as the 5 things all leaders must do just before

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Episode 108 of the Walking Leader Podcast is now online and ready for your listening pleasure. In this episode, David talks about TIME OFF DURING SPRING BREAK. David talks about a situation that most workplaces have to deal with, especially organizations