Month: March 2017

The Hustle. The Grind. And Words of Motivation by David Guerra

Hustle. Grind. Those two words have recently got so much play. So much play in that they are now common place.   It seems that Hustling and Grinding has become the norm. Everyone is saying it and everyone believes it.

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The Second Step Is The Hardest Not The First by David Guerra

They say the first step is the hardest. They are wrong. The first is actually the easiest. It is the second that’s the hardest to do. Why? Think about this, the first step gets you off your ass. The first

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#88 – The Walking Leader Podcast NOW ONLINE!

Episode 88 of the Walking Leader Podcast is now online. In this episode, I talk about Rule #11 CORRECT ON THE SPOT from my book, The Walking Leader. Correct On The Spot (Rule #11) is the one rule that all

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