Month: September 2015

Friday Morning Checklist

THE FOLLOWING IS NON-NEGOTIABLE: Before lunch check with ALL Staff: How are things going? Do they have all the necessary tools and supplies to get the job done today? (HINT: Coffee is a necessary tool) Is there anything that cannot

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Leadership in the News: Don’t Do The Crime If You Can’t Do The Time (an Ashley Madison Hack Tragedy)

A Father, Professor, and Pastor took his own life. It seems that this man was a member of the Ashley Madison website (if you don’t know what it is please look it up on your own). Recently, the website was

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Making A Weekly Contact List

When was the last time you made a contact list? You know what I’m talking about. A contact list. A list of people you need to make contact with this week, next week, every week, ad infinitum. No! I am

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